The CrewID® System:

Provides the Aviation Industry with a system for operators, officials, FBOs, MROs, and others that have a need to verify credentials, certifications, training, licensing and security data of crews worldwide 24/7/365 instantly from anywhere around the globe.



The CrewID® System

The CrewID® System verifies in real time and provides relevant data on:

  • Credentials
  • Qualifications
  • Employment status
  • Passport and other nation-based data
  • Job position and associated permissions
  • Validation of financial transactions such as fueling, landing fees, and other expenses affiliated with the operations of the Aviation Industry

This system ensures a higher level of safety, security and operational efficacies which enhances the aviation system in real time across the globe.

CrewID® System Benefits to the CrewID® Badge Holder:

  • The CrewID® Badge co-branded with your company logo
  • Ability to use the Crew Lane when arriving from international flights
  • Access to use the CrewID® System to manage your account to present your credentials to a third party as necessary
  • Crewmember discounts at numerous airports, restaurants and hotels

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